What We Do

Kitara Nation promotes poetry in secondary schools and higher institutions of learning through the following activities and programs...


It is though the academy that all schools related programs are run. It covers their performances and publications.

The work we do in secondary schools mainly looks at encouraging students to write their own poetry. Through poetry clubs, the students write, meet and critique each other’s work. Through this, they are able to improve their writing and at a particular point they put together a poetry production that they present to the entire school.

Kitara Nation provides the guidance and skilling of the students from bettering their writing craft, putting together a production and getting them published.

KNA also runs the Verse in Vac program. The program works with the students on their long holiday either S.4 or S.6. During this holiday, the students sign up for the program which runs for two months. During the course of the program, the participants go through a writing session and then stage a production at the National Theatre before the audience.


Kitara Nation also operates outside schools. It grooms poets to better their writing, organise performances and publish them. KN also works with the poets to promote their individual craft.

Every year Kitara Nation stages a number of poetry productions.

Our Recent Stage Productions Include:
  • Hajji’s Daughter (Verse In Vac)
  • Teenage Revolution (Verse In Vac)
  • Arrest The Poem (Kitara Poets)
  • Ten Poem Program (Kitara Poets)
  • Obwakare na kare - Once Upon A Time (ViV)
  • Ebibuuzo Bikomyewo (ViV)
  • Bribe the Poem (Kitara Poets)
  • Name Your Poison (ViV)
Our productions have been to different stages including: Bayimba Festival of the Arts, Kampala International Theatre Festival and The German Cultural Centre. Find out more about them on the productions page

Our Upcoming Programs:
  • Register for the next Verse in Vac intake now at only UGx 300,000
  • The schools poetry Anthology
  • Sseta High School Anthology
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